H-7626 Pécs, Király u. 66 a. I/102.
office@ipark-pecs.hu +36 72 781 787 +36 72 789 449


The industrial park Pécs South is situated on a about 190 ha big property in the southern edge of the city Pécs in the district Baranya in the south of Hungary. The area is easily accessible as it is directly linked to the motorway M6/M60. Moreover, the airport Pécs-Pogány is only 1 kilometer away.

The distance of the industrial park to the city center of Pécs is 6 km.

It is our aim to develop a special economic zone near the airport Pécs-Pogány and the motorway M60, which will have a significant, positive influence on the economic upswing, the sustainable use and above all, the development of the potential of industry, logistics and trade in South Transdanubia.

Local Transport Network

The internal access roads of the Ipark Pécs are connected to the public road network and the Ipark Pécs is accessible with the public transport of Pécs.

Public Bus Transport ("Tüke Busz")

The industrial park South has been connected to the public bus system since October 30th, 2017. 
From March 3, 2021, there's a new bus line 52 running to Matro Kft between Fagyöngy Str. and Időjós Str.
On workdays, the line 51 stops at the following stations: Fagyöny Str. – Pascal Str. – Industriepark Pécs Süd - Fagyöny Str.
The line 52 stops at the stations: Fagyöngy Str. - Galilei Str. - Időjós Str.

Further information:

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