H-7626 Pécs, Király u. 66 a. I/102.
office@ipark-pecs.hu +36 72 781 787 +36 72 789 449

Service Range

Parkmanagement – profound support before, during and after the investment

Our management team supports the settling companies with extensive services:

•    help with the preparation of grant applications
•    accompanying management of the handling of funding projects
•    help with the draft of financing options
•    financing consultancy
•    legal consultancy
•    help with recruitment efforts
•    support with administrative procedures

We offer the settled companies manifold services for everyday operations

•    Maintenance and cleaning streets and rainwater sewers
•    Snow removal/spreading of grit or salt
•    Maintenance of green areas on public areas

upon request:

•    property protection
•    facility management with settled companies
•    maintenance of green areas on the plots of the settled companies
•    maintenance of the building and outdoor equipment
•    waste disposal
•    postal and parcel services