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The City Of Pécs And Baranya County

Pécs, the 2000 year old city meeting the current economic challenges…

The city of Pécs and Baranya County


Pécs is the 5th biggest city in Hungary with 160,000 citizens. It is the capital city of the South-Transdanubien Region in the western part of Hungary. As it is only 400 kms away from the Adriatic Sea its climate is mild, and the charming streets, its open-air events in summer, and its famous wines worthily make this city the Sub-Mediterranean city of Hungary.


Wandering in the city you can find the ancient Christian legacies, other buildings from the time of the Turkish occupation, the civil palaces decorated with Zsolnay ceramics, or original samples of the Bauhaus architecture.


In the year 2010 Pécs was the European Capital of Culture and was enriched with several new facilities and buildings, for instance the Kodály Conference and Concert Center (Kodály Konferencia- és Koncertközpont), which worthily became famous for its unique acoustics. The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter (Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed) provides a good opportunity to those who like and are looking for cultural entertainment, and offers relaxing opportunities and programs for families as well.


The city’s surroundings offer plenty of entertainment opportunities too: you can taste the world famous wines of the Villány-Siklós wine region, you can take long hikes in the Mecsek mountains rich in natural resources, or you can visit the nearby thermal water spas and the little villages famous for their folklore.


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We are proud to promote such an excellent orchestra as the Pannon Filharmonics.

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