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Investment Incentives

Hungary maintains an open economy and attracting foreign investment is crucial for the Hungarian government. Hungary is a European Union member state with solid legal protection of investment. The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, has the main role for attracting FDI to Hungary.

The Hungarian government encourages investments in both export-oriented manufacturing and high-value added sectors such as research and development centers and service centers. Hungary's high-quality infrastructure, valuable labor force, and central location are often cited as features which can make it a smart destination for investors.


The Hungarian Government offers wide range of investment incentives in order to assist the investors in Hungary. Cash grants such as VIP cash subsidy (EKD) and EU co-financed tenders, development tax allowance, job creation subsidy, training subsidy and social contribution tax allowance are available to investors coming to or expanding in Hungary. The regulations on incentive opportunities are in accordance with EU rules.


For a more detailed overview of the available incentives in Hungary please visit the web site of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency



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