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Labour Power

Short overview of the labour market

Baranya County

According to KSH data, the population of Baranya County continued to decline, falling to 371 100 in 2015. There are 301 settlements in the county, which is dominated by small villages (two thirds of which have fewer than 500 inhabitants). Of the 14 towns in Baranya County, Pécs, the county town, stands out with its 146 000 inhabitants, making it the fifth largest town in Hungary.

On the basis of the household survey conducted by the KSH, the number of people employed in Baranya County was 151 800, the number of unemployed 15 600 in the population aged 15-74 in the third quarter of 2015. The employment rate stood at 53.7%, the activity rate at 59.2%, the former 2.9 percentage points, the latter 1.3 percentage points below the national average. As an average in the third quarter of 2015, the rate of unemployment was 9.3% in the county, compared to a national average of 6.4%. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the average number of people employed grew by 4.04%, and the number of unemployed also rose, by 14.7%.

KSH data on the number of people working for businesses employing more than four people come from another source, the so-called institutional labour data collection system. According to this source, as the average for the third quarter of 2015 the number of people employed in Baranya County was 83 800, 3.2% higher than the previous year. The number of people employed also increased, by 2.4%, on a national scale. Compared to the base period, in the third quarter of 2015, 2.4% fewer people worked in the private sector, which provides jobs for more than half of all workers in Baranya County, while 3.1% more workers were employed in the public sector, which provides around 45% of jobs. Of the sectors of the economy, manufacturing is the most important, the number of workers in that sector increasing by 1.7% against the third quarter of 2014. The biggest employer is the human health and social work activities sector, which saw a rise in the number of workers of just 0.7%, followed by education, which saw a 2.3% increase. In all, almost all sectors of the economy saw a rise in the number of workers, the only exceptions being those that employ relatively few workers (accounting for 4.2% of all workers), i.e. engineering, transport, real estate, financial insurance activities and other services. These sectors closed the year down 11.7% on average against the same period of the previous year.

According to data from the National Employment Service (NFSZ), the average number of registered jobseekers in Baranya County was 18 460 in 2015, which is significantly (by 9.3%, or 1 898 people) lower than the previous year. Nationally, the number of jobseekers fell by 11.5%.

Of all registered jobseekers, a monthly average of 2 394 were first-time jobseekers, which is 12.8% (350 people) lower than the previous year. The national figures have also shown a declining trend, falling by 13.95%. They accounted for 13.5% of all jobseekers, a drop of 1.6% on the 2014 rate, while also exceeding the national average for the year under review by 0.6 percentage points.

On 30 September 2015 the number of businesses registered in the county was 57 700, which is virtually the same as in the previous year, or just 0.1% above it. 3.4% of all businesses registered in Hungary operated in Baranya County, a figure that remained unchanged relative to the previous year. Sole traders numbered 41 100, while the number of partnerships was 16 600 in Baranya County. The number of sole traders increased by 2.4%, that of partnerships decreased by 9.5% relative to the end of September of the previous year.


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