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Our services

The management, which provides comprehensive support to the settling companies before, during and after the investment…


  • We are available to help our settling companies with any questions, and we actively cooperate in solving problems that might occur
  • Our contributors network is wide in the authority and public spheres thanks to which we are successful in creating fast and effective solutions,
  • Our regular events and conferences provide our settling companies the opportunity to create synergy and cooperation in business
  • As the operators of the park we are responsible for the daily smooth running of the industrial park, maintaining the infrastructure, managing and renewing the green areas, and for the uninterrupted traffic during the whole year

Providing support for the settling process with our contributing partners:

  • Compilation of the tender documentation for a successful outcome, tender project management
  • Legal services
  • Creating a financing structure, financial advice service
  • Labor exchange, HR services
  • One-stop office administration
We offer our settling companies a colourful palette of services to support the every day business
  • Maintaining and cleaning roads
  • Snow clearance / winter defrosting
  • Managing green areas – also for the settling companies depending on demand
  • Waste management
  • Providing security services
  • Building and area maintenance
  • Facility management
  • Postal services

Our cultural Commitment

We are proud to promote such an excellent orchestra as the Pannon Filharmonics.

our partners

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